Catch Reports 2018


Weather Conditions


Largest Weight



20th April 2018

26° to 28°, warm every day

9 x Common

11 x Mirror

42lb Common

44lb Mirror

Phil and James - Southport

Pop up rigs

28th April 2018

3 x Common

9 x Mirror

40lb Common

40lb 10oz

Hybred over maze

Almond Goo

Chris & Steve, Louis, Jo & Jacob

Fantastic week away as a family, great house and lake, stunning fish, and we enjoyed the surrounding area.  Meal out at Bar Emeraudé would be highly recommended.  Local people very friendly.  Thanks for the hospitality John and Pauline xxxx

12th May 2018

Wet for 3 days, dry, warm and sunny rest of week

6 x Common

1 x Linear

2 x Mirror

34lb Common

30lb Linear

57lb 9oz Mirror

Cell, Cell, Cell

Scott Ridley group - Yorkshire

A lot of rain first couple of days, then clear and sunny.  Fishing during day quiet, 11pm seeps to be the magic time.  Beautiful fish, watch your other lines when getting ready to land, they go a bit crazy at that point & could take your other lines out, they fight hard !

Loved the place, could'nt recommend it enough - Great holiday

9th June 2018

Mixed hot with showers

8 Mirror

4 Common

+ 13 fish

45lb 12oz Mirror

35lb 8oz Common

10lb to 17lb

Julien Binnersly and friends - Shropshire

28th June 2018

Muggy and showers for first week, sun and wind 2nd week

17 + fish

between 17lb and 27lb

Pink Pop ups and Cell

Daniella and Khan

All fish stunners, both ends of the lake produced fish, more so from the swim close to the house.

Another fantastic trip to Les Gravelles, beautiful location and scenery, could not recommend it enough.  Fishing was great and some really beautiful fish are there.  Will be returning - Thanks John and Pauline xxxx

14th July 2018

Very hot and 1 very heavy rainstorm

9 x Common

7 x Mirror

29lb 4oz Common

35lb Mirror

Tony and Julie - Taunton, Somerset

Fantastic relaxing holiday.

Many thanks to Pauline and John.

We will be back to catch the big one !!!

Only fished 4 hours each evening

27th July 2018

Very Hot 40° +

8 x Carp caught

35lb 10oz Common

31lb 12oz Mirror

Snow man and pellet

Both ends of the lake caught well

11th - 25th August 2018

Very Hot

Mark and Lynda

Another excellent holiday here with grandchildren who enjoyed the lovely weather and the swimming pool.  Only fished a few hours each day.

Thanks again Pauline & John for an amazing holiday.  See you in 2020

1st Sept 2018

24 to 28° sunny and calm.  Rain and heavy cloud on friday

7 x Common

11 x Mirror

37lb 2oz Common

40lb 12oz Mirror

Double corn plastic, yellow over pellet mixed and corn

Water levels low, only able to fish bottom half of the lake past the oxygenator.

Only fished a few hours in the morning and then 5pm to 8.45pm when it got dark.

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