Catch Reports 2016


Weather Conditions


Largest Weight




9 April 2016

Sunny and Warm

Wet and Cold

Thunder and lightening


7 x Mirror

7 x Common

38lb 4oz

36lb 8oz

Richard Hillier

Majority of fish caught over creamy toffee boilies, hook baits - creamy toffee humbug wafters

30 April 2016

Hot, Sunny days, Frost at night

10 x Common

15 x Mirror

39lb 9oz

44lb 5oz

Richard Mee and Family

Hinged pop up rig size 8 Choddy

Simple snowman rig size 6 Longshank

Feeding small amounts of hemp, corn and chickpeas.

Fished from Sunday morning to Thursday morning


OVER 651lb  of Carp - 4 nights fishing only

7 May 2016

Overcast, heavy showers

4 x Common

4 x Mirror

38lb 14oz

36lb 9oz

Penny & Nick Lind

Hi Pauline and John - Just wanted to thank you for our holiday.
We all enjoyed it very much even though the weather was not too good for us.
From the time we arrived Nick and Ric didn't leave Les Gravelles until we had to leave on the following Saturday to travel home. I'm not a very good sleeper at the best of times but I must thank you for the beds and bedding. Absolutely spotlessly clean. I slept very well!
The menfolk all want to come back at some point. Hannah and I (the galley slaves) may need to take up fishing so that we too can be waited on hand and foot.
Thanks again. It's a wonderful place.

14 May 2016

Mixture of warm and sunny and overcast and showers

16 x Common

12 x  Mirror



Steve Norman, friends and family

Steve's birthday big fish off - Steve won the pot of £100 for biggest fish.

2nd time here and will be back very soon.

We caught good fish, but they started to spawn.  Bit slow at night, don't put loads of bait in, handfulls will do.

Thanks again John and Pauline

28 May


1st week heavy rain, 2nd week very hot

7 x Mirror

44lb 5oz

Rest all over 21lb

Matt Moore - Family fishing holiday

Fishing hard, but quality fish.

Lovely venue, great hosts

Thank you John & Pauline for all your help

11 June


Hardley saw the sun, wet wet and more wet, some thunder and lightening

9 x Mirror

1 x Common

5 others in the doubles

41 lb

39lb 4oz

Michael Croucher - Family and friends holiday

Boilies only

We all enjoyed the great fishing

Thank you Pauline & John

23 July 2016

Very hot days / Warm humid nights

4 x Mirror

1 x Common

41lb 12oz

33lb 12oz

Darren & Sue Whittaker

Only fished during the day (no night fishing done).

Had fish in mornings from 06.30 to 10.30, all on gravel bar in front of house.  Too hot during the day for a run even stalking.

Fantastic place in every way, we will be back.

Advice getting in to the lake to land carp house end of the lake, you will sink in about 6 inches but it gets the carp landed safe

30 July 2016

Hot most days, rained once

7 x Common

6 x Mirror

Lots of rudd, roach, perch and a pike



Morgan & Toms Family

Started off using particle and had one fish, but found fishing a single wafter over a bed of lightly scattered boilies caught most of the fish.

Only fished days, biggest fish caught about 2 - 3 in the afternoon

06 August 2016

Warm, Mixed sun and cloud, rained once

8 x Common

12 x Mirror


47lb 8oz

Scott Downs and Family

Fished daytime and evenings only, stopped fishing after catching the big one on friday at 12.30.  Fished 3 rods when I could (hard work with 2 young sons 3 + 1 !).  This is our second visit to Les Gravelles and we loved every minute of it.

Thank you John and Pauline see you next time.

* Get into the lake to land and return all carp due to low water levels at house bank, you get silty but fun and safer for the carp.

13 August 2016

Heat wave first 4 days, warm and cloudy rest of the week

5 x Common

11 x Mirror



Amy, Olly, Harrison and Rosie

Family holiday - Great weeks fishing holiday

See you again sometime

20 August 2016

Temperature around 40°, very very hot, no rains for the 2 weeks we were their

11 x Commons

8 x Mirrors

33lb 4oz

30lb 8oz

Mark & Lynda Davies

Fishing very slow due to hot weather and low water levels, all fish caught from the far end.

Spent a lot of the time in the pool every day, wonderful relaxing holiday, only fished 3 to 4 hours per day, never fished after 11pm

Thank you John & Pauline for another wonderful time here, see you in 2018

3 Sept 2016

Hot, warm cloudy, rain for 30 mins and then hot again

low lake levels

1 x Common

1 x Pike


S Wilson plus friend and partner - Surrey

Fishing very hard.

We have had a lovely week

10 Sept 2016

Very hot / one thunderstom

9 x Carp

31lb 12oz

Lukacs Family

Dan caught loads of fish, had very nice weather, swimming pool was fab again, this is our fourth year as we love it here and pleases us, we will be back as we love the place.  We had BBQ and one day of fish and chips from confolens english fish and chip shop.  Pauline and John are brill they really look after you xxxxxx Thanks again Pauline & John

Young Dan has since sadly passed away, RIP Dan we will miss your cheery face at Les Gravelles each year xxx

17 Sept 2016

Sun and Cloudy

14 x Mirror

11 x Common

55lb 12oz - PB

All caught with home made boilies


Robert and Monique  - Holland

We had a difficult time with fishing, temperature dropped 15 degrees, oxygen and water levels very low.

We know that in this beautiful water there swims a lot of surprising fish and this week we had a new PB.  Fishing was slow and we had to look for them.

The weather was good, we only fish daytime.  John and Pauline thank you for another relaxing holiday.

24 Sept 2016

Warm 23°C to 28°C

cool at night

3 x Mirror

4 x Common

34lb 8oz

17lb 12oz

Jeff and Jacquie Noon - Lancashire

Most successful method was source snowman 18 mm boilies and 12 mm pop up.  Fished tight under bushes either off island or at dam end.  Did'nt fish any mornings, just afternoons and into dark and 2 nights until 4am.

Thanks John and Pauline, had a very relaxing holiday in a fantastic setting.

1 October


Fantastic weather, no rain and loved the pool

5 x Common

3 x Mirror



Danny and Jay - Cheshire

Tried all methods, pop-up boilies work well.

Fishing was really hard due to low water levels, caught mostly at night.

I came for the sun and the pool, had a lovely relaxing time, tea maker, cleaner, washer up, so that the lads could have a good time.  Could'nt sleep out but enjoyed having the house to myself.

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