Weather in the Charente

To give you a better idea of the normal weather in the Charentes area, the average summer is like the very best you could expect in the UK.

For many weeks in the summer the temperature can be in the nineties

The months of June, July & August are usually very warm and sunny with the odd thunderstorm, usually at night – some without rain! Some days can be extremely hot but the evenings are always pleasantly mild.

Spring at Les Gravelles

Summer at Les Gravelles

Autumn at Les Gravelles

The months of September and October are superb months with the leaves changing colour and the weather generally still very mild.

In this part of the world spring is generally a month earlier than the UK and autumn a month later.

You will still get many days of unbroken sunshine in November with temperature up to 60 degrees, although the nights will be cold.

December, January and February can be very much like the UK. Although we have been to France at this time of year and found the weather milder than the UK (but that does not mean we do not get the very occasional snow storm)

Winter at Les Gravelles

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