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Les Gravelles Carp Fishing Lake & Grounds

The Exclusive Carp Fishing Lake in France

The 2.5 acre lake is well stocked with Common Carp, Mirror Carp (up to 58lb), Perch (to 3.5lb) and Roach, the condition of the fish is excellent. The Carp at Les Gravelles are willy and do not throw themselves at your hooks, to catch these Carp you will need to out fox them.
Fishing advice can be given prior to your holiday by contacting John Bishop.
Depending on you preference, you can fish from the grassy bank in front of the house and by the pool, or, you can disappear off into the woods, and find yourself a completely secluded spot, surrounded by overhanging trees or behind the island.
Please note : 4 Anglers maximum on the lake

The Grounds at Les Gravelles Carp Fishing Holiday in France

The grounds are protected by gates at the front of the property, with a long winding drive from the road down through the woods to the villa, lake and pool. You can roam in the natural woodland where you will find a brook, and a filter pool which feeds into the lake.
Please note: As these woods are still in their natural state, they also include brambles.

As the woods have been left as a natural habitat you will find (or hear) plenty of wildlife, some of the natural residents of Les Gravelles are:
Lizards, Coypu (who you will regularly see swimming across the lake) Kingfisher, Polecats and Roedeer (both are very shy, you will be very honoured if you see these).
From the gates enjoy your drive through the woods.
Relax in the extensive gardens at Les Gravelles or simply enjoy the solitude of walking in the woods

Here is a small selection of just a few stunning fish caught at Les Gravelles recently.

Please see our Photo Gallery for additional photos as supplied by or guests

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