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Catch Reports

A small selection of our 2018 guests photos. 
Please see our Guest Photo page for a greater selection from our new gallery

13th April 2019 - Sam and David

Weather Sunny and calm / Catch - (Sam) 3 x Common to 22lb / 3 x Mirror to 52lb (David) 6 x Common to 41lb / 2 x Mirror to 28lb.  Bait - Pop up crab + Boilie Cell and Link.

Comments - Amazing week fishing and fun for all the family

20th April 2019 - Martin Harrison & Stuart Dawber

Weather - Sunny, cloudy and rain / Catch - (Martin) 4 x Mirror to 28lb 10oz - (Stuart) 5 x Common to 22lb 4oz - 3 x Mirror to 29lb 10oz/ Bait - 14mm Cell pop up and CCMoore 14mm trimmed down, mainline active 8 boilies

Comments - Great holiday warm beginning of week cooled down later on

5th May 2019 - Tom White and family

Weather - Overcast, rain and moderate winds / Catch - 15 fish in total - 4 doubles - 7 twenties - 1 thirty - 2 forties - 1 fifty / Bait - Spicy fish boilies, particle, pellets

Comments - 1 angler only, fished from evenings to mornings.  Thanks for a great time - what a resort !!!

Had a lovely time with family, enjoying the local area by day and fished at night.  Cracking lake, fish in great condition.  All were treated with great care and returned in fit, fighting form.  Thanks P + J

11th to 18th May 2019 - Jack Outhwaite and friends

Weather - Sunny by day and cold at night, Temperature 17° - 19°

Catch - 18 x Common up to 41lb / 15 x Mirrors up to 41lb / lost 5 fish - caught a total of 800lb

Bait - Whole and chopped boilie with pellet

Comments - Never had a fight from a fish quite like it, absolute scrappers, brilliant lake.  Lovely owners we will be back !!! Tight lines people 

18th to 25th May 2019 - Remé, Edwin & Ralph

Weather - Sunny 20°

Catch - 4 Carp biggest 25.5 dutch pounds

Bait - Boilies, corn and hemp

Comments - fishing very slow this week, coming back next year

8th to 15th June 2019 - Deborah and Jonathan

Weather - Sunny, cloudy, rain and thunderstorms

Catch - 7 in total, lost 1 / 5 low 20's, 1 x 26lb 8oz Common and 1 x 46lb Mirror

Bait - Cell and Hybrid

Comments -  Had a really lovely holiday despite awful weather. Lovely house, gardens, grounds and lake, plus great fishing (fish in lovely condition).  Would definitely return again, quarry was a little noisy on some days,  Pauline & John, we spoke to quarry manager and noise was reduced.  This is an agreed quiet quarry during our open season.

15th to 21st June 2019 -  Chris Booth

Weather - Weather very changeable, from very hot to thunderstorms.

Catch - 8 x Common up to 32lb / 2 x Mirrors up to 42lb  2oz/ lost 3 fish

Bait - Cell and Tiger nut hook bait over a bed of pulses, maise and crushed boilies.

Comments - Only fished from evening to first thing in the morning for 5 nights, did not recast once fish was caught.  Had a fantastic week, it is a beautiful place, thank you very much Pauline and John 

29th June to 6th July 2019 - Todd and friends

Weather - Sunny 30 to 38°

Catch - 18 Carp biggest 40lb 4oz


Comments - Fished nights only until around 10am, all fish came from rear of lake, fish caught from snags and open water

13th to 20th July 2019 - Scott and Natalie Family Holiday

Weather - Sunny and very hot 

Catch - 9 x Common up to 42lb 6oz / 7 x Mirror up to 53lb / Lost 4


Comments -  Fished day time only from house bank.  3rd time at Les Gravelles with wife and kids.  Lovely place.  Thanks Pauline and John, see you next time

20th to 27th July 2019 -  Khardine and Dal family holiday

Weather - Very Very hot

Catch - 1 x Mirror 42lb 10oz


Comments - Not many hours fished as extreme temperatures, nicked one on the only night fished.  Most fish seen at back end of lake and in the snags.  Plenty of small fish to keep the kids occupied.  Lovely venue will be back.  Thanks John and Pauline

27th July to 3rd August 2019 - Simon and Family

Weather - Hot with 1 day of showers

Catch - 8 x Common up to 40lb 11oz / 7 x Mirror  up to 50lb 4oz

Bait - Solid bags, wafter hook baits

Comments - Fished between 7am - 9pm most days, inbetween days out with the family

3rd to 17th August 2019 - Alec and Judy family holiday

Weather - Hot and sunny and changeable

Catch - 5 x Common up to 40lb 10oz / 8 x mirror up to 43lb 13oz

Bait - Zigs, wafters, pop ups.  water level is low so look for gravel areas and lay a trap for them.

Comments -  Fished 11pm to 02.50am only. Good start to the first week, change in the weather the 2nd week, had to work hard 2nd week but were rewarded with some big fish.  Both had PBs.

17th to 31st August 2019 -  Richard and Family

Weather - Sunny, calm and little cloud some days

Catch - 18 x Common 19lb to 26lb / 3 x Mirror 30lb, 35lb and 45lb

Bait - Cell wafters / snowman over hemp, maise and chops

Comments - Pre bait back left corner in the morning and fish it a few hours later.  Fish caught from house end in open water and from back of left side of island but water level to low to fish there the last few days.

31st Aug to 7th September 2019 - Sean & Steve and partners

Weather - Sunny, partly cloudy and a shower

Catch - Steve - total of 597lb caught with largest 45lb / Sean - total 399lb caught with largest 42lb

Bait - Halibat pellets, sweet corn.  Boilies Garlic & Tuna Urban baits, Nutcracker Urban baits and Cream seed Munch baits

Comments - Great week fishing, total of 996lb woohoo..

Second time here, Thanks John and Pauline we will be back again





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